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Hope and Disillusionment

A Basic Introduction to the History of Christianity - Benno A. Zuiddam
Format: [paperback]
Available formats: [mijnEPUB, iBook, Kindle]


“Hope and Disillusionment” is written to enable readers to evaluate their own times in the light of the history of the Western Church.

This book helps you to understand Church history and make it practical. Concentrating on principles and developments rather than endless facts, it makes the highs and lows of the history of Christianity understandable, practical and relevant. It includes a study guide that makes it suitable for private study, home-schooling, church groups and university settings alike.

This book is aimed at any Christian and non-Christian from age 15-plus, but particularly written with great sympathy for those who have reason to be disillusioned with the Church.

Prof. Benno Alexander Zuiddam holds doctorates in Theology and Classical Studies. He is professor (extraordinary associate) for New Testament Studies, Greek and Church History at North West University (South Africa) and Greenwich School of Theology in the U.K.


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Benno A. Zuiddam 
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