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On the Road to Renewal

A Practical Approach to Problems - C.M. van Dijk
Format: [paperback]
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This small guidebook offers advice and encouragement for the daily problems that each Christian meets on the path of life. Insecurity, building relationships, and renewal in our lives - these are just a few of the topics where this book may be of help. Moreover, it can be used as a tool in counseling. A topical register at the end helps to look up specific subjects.

This book has its origin in a personal battle of faith. It could not have been written without the valuable lessons and insights of others (collected over many years), such as Bible teachers and friends, with the Bible itself as the true backbone.

The author studied at Groningen University, the Netherlands (German language and literature), at the London Bible College (theology) and the University of the Nations in Hawaii (pastoral work). She has been working with e.g. Youth with a Mission, and presently lives in the Netherlands.


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C.M. van Dijk 
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